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Is There a Warranty?

Our work is guaranteed by our replacement warranty. If a candidate hired through our efforts is deemed unsuitable for whatever reason we must redouble our efforts and provide our services until a successful conclusion, at no further cost, is realized. No other recruiting method can offer this savings and protection of time, effort and money.

Is There a Fee?

Yes, there is a fee for our services. This fee pays for our time, expertise and expenditures in acquiring and tracking the best and the brightest management professionals in the marketplace today. If you think about it, this fee also pays for the candidates you do not spend time, effort and money interviewing. In the long run we save clients money by completing the mundane time consuming aspects of the recruiting process. By the time our client interviews a candidate the biggest question will be how well does this candidate fit our culture. In today’s competitive staffing market we can be a very effective and productive ally if given the opportunity.